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  • Dragon Dreaming: A Path to Turning Your Dreams into Reality

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    A systemic design process, a philosophy and a methodological framework for collaborative and regenerative projects and organizations.


    It makes the dreams of individuals and groups come true in an inspiring, playful, encouraging, and meaningful manner. Co-founder John Croft, describes Dragon Dreaming as unconditional love in action.


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    3 Principles

    Personal Growth
    Commitment to your own healing and empowerment.
    Community Building
    Strengthening the communities of which you are a part
    Service to the Earth
    Enhancing the well-being and flourishing of all life

    The Design Process

    Dragon Dreaming is built on a win-win-win culture. A win for ourselves personally, a win for the community and a win for the Earth. 
    Dreaming: The first stage is to share your dream and build a team around it that assists in making the dream come true.
    Planning: The second stage is to build a plan: people do not plan to fail, they only fail to plan.
    Doing: The third stage is where much of the work occurs.
    Celebrating: The fourth stage of a successful project is celebration. This connects the doing of a project back to the original dreaming. It is built upon gratitude, acknowledgement and recognition.

    The Introductory Weekend Workshop consists of a total of 20 hours of training, typically spread over a Friday evening (6pm-10pm), a Saturday (9am-7pm) and a Sunday (9am-4pm). The schedule of each day might be adjusted slightly as needed.

    Learn by doing! Participants will be invited to team up on a project and go through all the stage of Dragon Dreaming: Dreaming, Planning, Doing and Celebrating. The workshop also covers theoretical aspects of Dragon Dreaming, which are fundamental for achieving collaboration and mission alignment. Here are some of the contents from the workshop:

    Win-Win Communication

    The Win-Win Communication is a way to present projects in an inspiring, motivated and enthusiastic way.

    Systemic Decision Making

    The Systemic Decision Making is a way of making decisions based on body awareness and the systemic constellation.

    Dream Circle

    The Dream Circle is a means of co-creating collective dreams in a participatory and collaborative way, based on the collective intelligence of the team.

    Objective and Goal Setting

    Objective and Goal Setting is a technique that can be used for diagnosis and identification of strategies.


    The Collective-Phrase is a way to create sentences of any kind and for any purpose quickly, effectively and in a participatory way.

    Dragon Dreaming Wheel

    The Dragon Dreaming Wheel is a pedagogic tool to explain the steps of a successful project.

    Karrabirdt (Project Map)

    The Karrabirdt (Project Map / Board-Game), is a systemic sequence of the flow of tasks and respective task assignees, cost and deadline.

    Estimated Budgeting

    The Estimated Budgeting is a technique for estimating the project budget in a quick and fun way.

    Commitment Check

    Commitment checks whether the project is consistent enough to be implemented by a minimum number of people committed to the project.

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