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    Why Dragon Dreaming USA?

    In this time of uncertainty where life itself is threatened by climate change, peak oil, pandemics, war and economic precariousness, we see how incredibly interconnected and interdependent we all are in our communities and in the world. Also, we see that a way into the future relies in changing ourselves, building stronger local communities and adopting life practices that are life-sustaining.


    We feel there is a need to come together to connect, reflect, and dream of new ways to build inclusive, creative, sustainable, and regenerative communities not only to respond to the growing crisis facing us today, but in preparation for future crises to come. This time presents a precious opportunity to dream and act with reverence and a deeper understanding of each other and the world. Now is the time to create the change we want to see in the world. Dragon Dreaming is one methodology that offers tools to make that happen!


    We call the shift from the Industrial Growth Society to a life-sustaining civilization, the Great Turning. We are also afraid that we, humanity, might have missed the time to do this change and we might be heading to a dark night of the globe. Either way, we believe that whatever challenge we may have ahead of us, it will be better faced as a community.

  • The Dragon Dreaming USA Community

    A community for the Great Turning

    Dragon Dreaming USA started in New York, on Idealist Day, June 6, 2019. On that beautiful evening, Renato and Lynda gave their first presentation about Dragon Dreaming in a circle of social activists, permaculture practitioners and community builders. A few of us were there, in the backyard of Gil's Cotelydon Egalitarian Community, surrounded by plants, festive lights, enjoying a wholesome potluck and the amazing sunset view. Gil and his community became the best possible nursery ground for our dragon cotyledon.


    Right after sharing the Brazilian dessert and ice cream, Renato said, "I have a dream, to bring Dragon Dreaming to New York." He then invited people to dream together and that is how it all started.


    Fast forward to 2022, that initial group of New Yorkers grew and became a community. In 2020, during the pandemic, we saw our dream come true with the first ever Dragon Dreaming online workshop, facilitated by Ravi Resck. We then celebrated our history thus far on the Dragon Dreaming 2020 ConFestival.

    We had our growing pains, danced with our dragons and grew in wisdom while doing projects together. As the years went by, our friendships become stronger and some of our community members moved away from New York. That is when we became...

    Dragon Dreaming USA

    With people spread all around and our initial dream of bringing Dragon Dreaming to NY, we thought that it was time we started calling ourselves Dragon Dreaming USA. Why not?


    At the same time, in the summer 2022, Dragon Dreaming trainer Shaba Piffer was visiting this part of the world. This would be a great opportunity for going round the wheel again, this time with a bold dream of having not one, but three introductory workshops in California, Hudson Valley and New York. Even better, this was to be the first in-person workshop happening since Covid-19.

    Looking forward...

    And so, here we are! Dreaming once again of a better future, built in community. On our third year, we are dreaming of traveling dragons that reach all parts of the United States with a new way to perceive, a renewed hope and lots of successful regenerative projects. We want to be in celebration of our own transformation and to learn once again to be in community. Will you join us?


    Thank you and much love to our growing community and transitioning world!


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