• Message from

    John Croft 2022

    Short message about our current condition, 6 min

    The Writings of an

    Earth Lover

    A poem by Vivienne Elanta, read by John Croft, 9 min.

    7 steps to change the World

    Interview with John Croft, 21 min.

    ConFestival 2022

    Invitation, 2 min.

  • About Dragon Dreaming

  • Dragon Dreaming - a method for co-creative project design

    Video with an explanation about the workshop (8 min)

    John Croft, co-founder of Dragon Dreaming explains the methodology

    Short summary, 5 min.


    Dragon Dreaming through the voice of practitioners

    Explanation and testimonials, 6 min.


    Dragon Dreaming: The Great Turning

    Documentary, 46 min.

  • Dragon Dreaming & Other Methodologies

  • DrDr and Sociocracy

    A fusion of the two methodologies, 23 min

    Empty Centred Organization

    Presentation, 70 min


    Empowered Fundraising

    Talk about Empowered Fundraising, 12 min.


    Authentic Celebration

    Documentary, 3 min.

  • Dragon Dreaming Around the World

    These videos about Dragon Dreaming are in languages other than English

  • Español

    Dragon Dreaming en RTVE (España), 10 min


    Animation in Portuguese, 5 min



    Webinar in French, 76 min.


    Presentation in German, 21 min



    Presentation in Russian, 11 min.



    Presentation in German, 6 min

  • Need more videos?

    Being an open source methodology registered on the Creative Commons, Dragon Dreaming is an evolving methodology with no centralized organization behind it. This page is a compilation of some relevant videos about Dragon Dreaming publicly available on the internet. You might also want to check these channels and Dragon Dreamer's organized playlists on Youtube: United States, Brazil, France, Gr8light, Mundo Prânico, Elson Ferreira, Xavier Santotomás, Ebraim Andrade, Pedro Araújo Mendes, João Pantoja, Virgílio Varella, Manuella Bosch,


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